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"We are a ♚ ♛ member who wants to just simply live Shredded Beyond ABSolute. Mainly through dedication, discipline, determination, and full effort execution will only maximize our own bodies best potentials through its own individual set of goals in mind."



I work full time at On the Run Shoes and I am one of their Athletic Shoe Fit Specialist.

Stop by to visit me when you can and say Hi!

Location: On The Run, 1310 9th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94122

Telephone: 415-682-2042



ılılı• Six-Pack Body 2010 Transformation •ılılı

Michael James "MJ" Tamondong

Aka: Sixp8ck Shredded Beyond ABSolute

Age: Keep on pushing it!

Height: 5' 6"

From: San Francisco, CA

Weight: 140 pounds

Favorite Body Part: Shredded Abs!

Waist: 30 Bodyfat: 4%
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MY SIXPACKNOW TRANSFORMATION, NUTRITION, SUPPLEMENTATION, AND TRAINING PROTOCOL. So here is my own sample plan to my own set of goals. I try to at least eat 5-6 small balanced portioned meals (protein, complex, slow, fast carbs, and healthy fats per day). Want the full scoop? We have prepared an infographic just for you! Download it below!



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