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Welcome to my official Shredded Beyond ABSolute personal website. Here you can find information on my passion anything from footwear and support, bodybuilding and fitness, training, nutrition and supplement insights, and lifestyle motivational push awareness. Apart from my official website follow me and if it fits you give it a 'like' on my social media where I keep on pushing it with posts from anything awesome to what's on my head.



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Hello, World! My name is Michael James "MJ" Tamondong the owner and operator of Shredded Beyond ABSolute. 

Do you want to get to know me more and my passion to who I really am? I’ve been working in my field for many years now. I am passionate about what I do best, and it shows in my work and proven track record.

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Muscles are built by dedication, discipline, determination, and all out full effort execution not excuses. I don’t diet... I just eat sleep lift things according to my goals and keep on pushing it.
— MJ Tamondong



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