A shout-out from verified David Banks aka Dynamite Dork going to get me social media verified?

So if you have click on this page and want to know more about Michael James "MJ" Tamondong aka Sixp8ck click on as the Owner-Operator of Shredded Beyond ABSolute. But otherwise I have now look for my other option to getting social media verified to mainly my Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, then getting traffic to my YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn so forth Shredded Beyond ABSolute Sixp8ck accounts to see if someone notices who I really am and that is with David Banks assistance through a verified social account shout-outs.

I have done a collaboration with David Banks aka Dynamite Dork and hoping a chance to be verified. Go check out his work in my page and click on it because I like humor. FYI, this will still be not a piece of cake because got to have to do the work at my end. Otherwise at the end of the day will it be skills, luck, or both to get that ✔? But definitely someone like David Banks who is verified now I have at least a chance to keep on pushing it.

So how did you get your social media verified ✔?